Posted 4th September 2018 by Graham Collins

Additional statstics will appear on this website.
Players Reports from the time we have been in the Cardiff City House of Sport can be viewed by clicking on the PLAYERS NAME.
Unfortunately due to the amount of data being processed there will be some errors. The data is generated by the Snapshot Sports Management Software which may generate, or miss out some information. This is beyond our control and the pages on this section of the website are for information only and should not be considered as 100% accurate.

1.York, Rebecca
2.York, Jack
3.Wyatt, Chris
4.Wrather, Jake
5.Wooldridge, Nathan
6.Wiltshire, Ben
7.Williams, Mike
8.Williams, Chris
9.Whilding, Kenzie
10.West, Matthew
11.Welsh, Rhys
12.Wells, Chris
13.Webb, Lewis
14.Webb, Gary
15.Vincent, Ieuan
16.Vigar, Mike
17.Tuson, Adam
18.Thomas, Michael
19.Thomas, Matthew
20.Thomas, Dave
21.Thomas, Curtis
22.Thomas, Craig
23.Thomas, Chris
24.Taylor, Scott
25.Taylor, Olivia
26.Taylor, Luke
27.Switsun, Jamie
28.Sweet, Darryl
29.Strange, Richard
30.Starsmeare, Leigh
31.Squire, Chris
32.Sokolyk, Sean
33.Smallwood, Gavin
34.Sheppard, Ellis
35.Shaw, Gareth
36.Scanlan, Ben
37.Saunders, Ben
38.Sanderson, Aaron
39.Rosser , Iori
40.Prosser, Christopher
41.Paddon, Simon
42.Padden, Andrew
43.Pace, Jason
44.Owen, Anthony
45.Orr, Greg
46.Oakley, Ken
47.Newton, Jon
48.Newton, Jamie
49.Newton, Jack
50.Newell, Richie
51.Mundell, Anthony
52.Moruzzi, Anthony
53.Morling, Richard
54.Moriaty, Ben
55.Morgan, Wesley
56.Moody, Jason
57.Mitchell, Chris
58.McGinlay, Amelia
59.McCarthy, Jon
60.Matthews, Stephen
61.Mainwaring, Bem
62.Lucas, Tristan
63.Loftus-Thorne, Ashleigh
64.Lodge, Chris
65.Lloyd, Gareth
66.Laycock, Anthony
67.Lawrence, Joseff
68.Krogzems, Janis
69.Keoghane, Phil
70.Kelly, Neil
71.Kayes, Tom
72.Jones, Sam
73.Jones, Owen
74.Jones, Dylan
75.Jones, Carwyn
76.Johnston, Anthony
77.Jeremiah, Mal
78.Jennings, William
79.Jefferies, Josh
80.Jarman, Phillip
81.Jarman, Mark
82.Jagus, Dan
83.Hitchings, Jamie
84.Herbert, Dyfrig
85.Henley, Alex
86.Heale, Andy
87.Hayes, Jack
88.Harty, Damian
89.Harper, Luke
90.Handley, Phillip
91.Hancock, Alun
92.Grover, Martin
93.Green, Robert
94.Goss, Mike
95.Gordon, James
96.Gordon, Craig
97.Gordon, Alan
98.Gibbons, Mike
99.GambariniWilliams, Dan
100.Frost, Charlie
101.Fletcher, Gareth
102.Farmer, Patrick
103.Eversley, Tony
104.Evans, James
105.El-Alami, Sudqi
106.Egan, Phillip
107.Drinkwater, Dean
108.Dolphin, Zach
109.Dolphin, Josh
110.Dickman, Steve
111.Dibble, Matt
112.Devenza, Joe
113.DeVanney, Peter
114.Da Cova, Rebecca
115.Davis, Will
116.Davies, Rhys
117.Davies, Matthew
118.Davies, Gemma
119.Davies, Gareth
120.Davies, Chris
121.Davies, Ben
122.Dart, Ben
123.Cronin, Chris
124.Collins, Marc
125.Clark, Jack
126.Clare, Dan
127.Christian, David
128.Carwardne, Stephen
129.Burnicle, John
130.Bunday, Matthew
131.Buckley, Cameron
132.Bouhaire, Connor
133.Blundell, Nicky
134.Bird, Rhyan
135.Beale, Colin
136.Bate, Tristan
137.Bartley, Alex
138.Banwell, Ryan
139.Baker, Dean
140.Adam, Williams
141.Adam, Williams .